About Camille

camille clarks handCamille is a well respected makeup artist and beauty expert whose work has been featured in Flaunt Magazine, Teen Vogue, and InStyle. She has collaborated with top photographers such as Andrew Eccles, Marc Baptiste, and Dewey Nicks. Camille has done such national campaigns as Abercrombie & Fitch, PacSun, and Coldwater Creek. What’s more, Camille’s talent has been tapped by famous faces such as Lindsay Lohan, Amy Smart and Emily Procter. And when it comes time for Hollywood’s “Award Season”, Camille is regularly requested to work at the Golden Globes, Grammys, Emmys, VMAs and the Academy Awards. 

As a professional Makeup Artist, Camille has been creating beautiful looks for models, actors, and celebrities for the last decade. Her aim is to help women feel great about themselves by wearing makeup in a more natural way.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Camille began developing her skills as a Makeup Artist for productions at her local theater. She moved to Los Angeles and studied Fashion Design at the American College for Applied Arts. Camille chose to pursue Makeup as a full time career as a way to apply her design and color theory background with her passion for fashion photography.

She landed a prestigious position at Chanel, where she worked as an Analyst, and then moved on to become a Regional Artist for a bright color pigment line called Make Up Forever, where her understanding of color theory proved invaluable. “I realized that I could completely transform the way people looked and felt while tapping into my creative and artistic energies,” says Camille. She took on the role of Head Makeup Artist at Fred Segal Beauty, where she was regularly featured as a Beauty expert in press editorials such as Allure, Glamour and Seventeen. Camille also appeared on various television shows such as “Fashion Emergency”, “Main Floor” and “Fox Morning News.”

It’s notable to mention that Camille’s celebrity client, Jamie Lee Curtis, is the one who encouraged her to develop her Makeup Artist portfolio. Soon after, she was invited to join the Cloutier Agency.